"Don't let what you can't do stop you from what you can do"
- John Wooden

Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Chicken Coop - The Red Roost Inn

We were so lucky to have great neighbors that came and helped me build built us a summer coop when Husband was ill.  I can never thank them enough. 

This is Jason looking very annoyed.

That's Camden on the left, Jason in the middle cleaning up and Chelsea - on the right - taking the chickens out of the cage (she had been caring for the flock while my husband was in the hospital) and introducing them to their new home.

Chelsea is telling Whoopie.... "this is a roost"... poor Whoopie was killed a month or so later by our dog Little Man.  She died in my arms.  I miss her.

Chelsea is showing Aunt Jemima the roost now.  Poor AJ... she was carried off by a hawk or eagle... I miss you too...

This was the FIRST nesting boxes... the girls didn't like them

so I changed them to....

which they seem to like and are easy to clean. Even though I've never been able to get them level... I'm still working on that.

I started with a hay floor... that didn't work out well... poop + hay = gross mess... SO I had this great idea!  River rock.... so I picked up all the river rock (pail by pail) from the back yard and put it in the coop.  I cleaned it every day and it stayed damp... which helped with our flock coming down with gape worms (my poor babies!)... so now I'm using pine shavings (I like this... it's called the deep liter method and it's working well for us). 

My Husband is on the mend and we've been working on upgrading our summer coop into a four season coop because it's starting to get a little nip in the air and we have to make sure our little flock will be warm this winter.  It's not going as easy as I thought it would.  Seriously.  I thought no problem... throw up plywood... take the roost down that are WAY to high and put new lower ones in...  stay tuned for the upgrading of

The Red Roost Inn


  1. I LOVE the name you chose!! And can't wait to see the finished coop. It's so exciting.

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